Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home blended apricot peach smoothie

With both special occasions near by one another (Christmas and New Year), needless to say, EVERYONE is overindulging. Myself, a sinner also.

Excess spicy food, excess chilli, excess alchohol, excess junk food/chips, excess meat, under-excess water = constipation.

I decided to blend my own smoothie hoping to help me in my bowels.

Bought some apricot yoghurt, milk, peaches and bbbbbllllleeeennndddddddddddddd into one delicious smoothie :)

So much more delicious and fruitful than the ones you have from the juice bars. And oh yeah, a lot more cheaper too!

But did it help me clear my bowels? No...... but something else did. In a horrible, nasty, suffering way (To be continued....)

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