Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Bean Bag cafe@Solaris Dutamas

The newly opened cafe in Solaris has a real cozy, warm aussie feel to it. Maybe its the wooden furnishings, or the smell of coffee, or the cool looking bean bags on the walls.

Glad to have our first trial attempt on the last day of 30% off all breakfast items.

The pancakes are quite nice. Not oily and light. Damn generous portion, easily 7-8 pieces. Only slack part was the portion of the poached fruits. Not enough for all pancakes. Nicely presented though.

Ori price rm16.90, for mine 30% off!

The smoked salmon with poached eggs, mushrooms and asparagus served with two slices of bread. I must give credits to the presentation skills. Nicely presented.

RM 17.90. At 30% off too!

Coffee was the one thing that i thought would impress me best as theyve got this cool looking coffee station by the entrance. However, the coffee tasted like the one brewed at home with the coffee press. So i guess.... Invest in a coffee press and good, good coffee roasted beans then?

Save cost and happiness.

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