Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 CNY dinner@Oriental Pavillion, Jaya33

The time for CNY gathering among us colleagues + ex-colleagues is here again. We aim to maintain this tradition every CNY. Last year it was held at Jaya Palace (the food sucked, service was horrible).

The commonly ordered CNY dish, claypot rice with salty chinese sausages, smoked duck and pork. I never got accustomed to enjoy the lardy taste of "lapcheong"s, hence I retire for this dish whilst my friends continued whalloping the porky pork slices.

Rice was so so. Nothing much to shout about.

Lou sang! My second and final one for the year. We warned one another not to jinx the lousang wishes. Last year, just before officiating the lousang action, my friend voiced out some negativity about our sales targets. We missed our target last year = no bonus = low salary. This year, we were reminded not to mention negative things before lousang-ing. What superstition! haha.

Glazed BBQ grilled pork rib. Each person was given a plate of pork rib the length of an average 15 cm ruler. THIS WAS EXTREMELY GOOD. I was in luck to be served with a lean pork rib. There was one extra rib left, and my greedy self wanted to grab the next rib but too shy!

Presentation seemed unattractive. Taste was also unattractive. Plain jane cooked prawns. No recollection of its taste either.

Tofu with vegs and mushrooms. Quite delicious but the best rendition of this tofu goes to Duck King if its deliciousness is maintained. I haven't eaten in Duck King for quite a while, there is a possibility that the standard might have dropped. The sad and true reality of good restaurants in KL. Many were good when initially opened, as it gets popular, the quality starts to drop.

Seared pear with hasma. I was running with a temperature (which ruined my appetite a little already) and my friends advised that this dessert would be the best for someone who has a bad sore throat. The hasma dessert, was average. Nothing unique about it to make it stand from others served elsewhere.

Total damage per pax from 9 diners = RM 90. @_@. Wowwww... quite, steep. Not sure which was ex, but the only thing that I would pay for is the pork ribs. The rest are... so so, just slightly above average.

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