Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apgujeong Restaurant@Solaris Mont Kiara

 Apgujeong proves to be a really good Korean foodie place in this Korean/Jap expat filled area. This restaurant just recently opened its door to patrons. We were greeted with a generous serving of side dishes, boy oh boy... they all tasted really yummy. Especially the fried vermicelli, slurpssss.

 Star dish! We ordered the galbi-tang, and the owner was truly kind. We did not want to waste the rice uneaten and intially told the waiter to skip serving the rice to us. The owner then added more beef for us to make up for the lack of rice. The broth was one good broth. Strong beefy taste, yet sweet and herbalicious too. Meat was tender, showed great stewing skills.

I was excited to receive a square shaped Korean pancake. It is usually served round shaped, and sliced into pizza slice portions. This is the first in squares. I liked it as a lot of leeks, spring onions and squids were added. The other dogma, however did not enjoy it. Awh c'on, RM 25 for such a huge piece. Steal deal!

The leftovers became my next day's lunch meal. Muahahaha.

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