Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tapao Worknights@WOW Chicken, Hartamas

Some nights became work nights. We are often misjudged by others thinking we lack work to do, but in fact, I spent many nights working. The comfort I get from taking my resting time to serve jail, is from the dine-ins!

WOW Chicken, is located in Desa Sri Hartamas. They have delivery service also. We ordered a pack of fried chicken for our working night!
 Siu Kai Yek! Ngo Zhi Sai Zhong Yi Sek!

Fried chicken ala Korean style. Do not be dismayed by the colour, in fact the chicken was very, very juicy. Truly enjoyable to chew, munch, bite. Half a chicken, RM 30plus. A little steep, considering the fact that you could eat a lot more for RM 30 with the finger-licking goodness KFC. However, the fried chicken in WOW really tastes different. Crunchy and juicy. Yumss...

 Wine, goes well with taking away the pressure from work.

A cheap Sauv Blanc, this time from Aussie. A slight deviation away from my NZ Sauv Blanc escapades. Peachy, and a little heavy on the palate. Luckily we had fried chicken to go with the wine. Nonetheless, only RM 30 over.. sometimes the tastebud's got to take the hit during economic downturn.

My dear friend bought me a pack of stroopwaffles at her pitstop at Amsterdam, coming from Prague. Wheeeeeee! One of my happiest work days. Next stroopwaffles eating session, June! Can't wait to eat you again, my darling stroopwaffle.

Ngarm, ngarm, ngarm, ngarm.

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