Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunday brunch after Sunday service@Plan B, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

 After a great sermon from Sr Pastor, receiving much spiritual blessings, time to receive physical blessings too.. to me tummy of course! Pit stopped at Plan B for lunch. Plan B's big breakfast proved to be quite a worthy meal. I'm served with a cuppa orange juice and coffee. The coffee was a little too sour and rough for my liking.

When the breakfast set first arrived, I thought, "Hmm... not so BIG a breakfast after all." Little did I know, I struggled to finish it. I believed it could be due to the potatoes and also almost every item was fried. I liked the ham and sausages. Super meaty! The mushrooms and baby tomatoes were generously served too. Hidden under the eggs was a slice of overly oiled up toasted bread.

If I was really hungry (maybe after a workout at the gym) I might have enjoyed this meal even more. Quite a worthy try for RM 24 meal. Not a cheap brunch where people like me can eat everyday, but Ben's chefs are kind enough to serve at least averagely sizable portions.

Antipodean's version is quite huge also. I struggled to finish too, but the variety of dishes served were less than Plan B's, and it does not come with coffee and juice also.

I have yet to find the ultimate Big Breakfast in KL. Any recommendations?

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