Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saturday brunch@Plan B, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

If I do not work on weeknights, they pile over and I have to sacrifice some Saturdays. The top flers would tell me to improve my priorities, time management, yadayadayada. If only they truly know the things we need to do. At least I do not outwardly show my 'hardworking'ness just for the sake of scoring praises.

Back to the foodie...:)

Another working Saturday. I ordered a egg sandwich. RM 10 only! Okay, yes, the ingredients were just smashed eggs, but hey the portion was quite big and it was served with some salads and chips. I thought it is quite a steal deal. Any time better than Subway.

My colleagues know me well. I brew my own coffee every morning and would be cranky if I start the day with lousy coffee/ no coffee at all. Pulls hair.

Dis cuppa cappucino. So so only. For RM 6. I ain't complaining much. 

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