Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mamma's home cooked food@Taiping

My aging doggy always shows his excitement whenever any of us come home. He was all smiles here, while I tickled him. Haha. Crazy fella. I love him to bits.

Only during CNY time! Will we see this actively sold/ cooked. Mom sliced the 'kuih bakul' slices and dipped them in beaten eggs, before sending them into the deep fryer. Yummmss....

Father truly bless me with a great family. Mom always cooks the dishes we loved most whenever any of us are home. She knows I love to eat fish. Sweet and sour spicy fish. Better than so many restaurants here in KL.

This is what we call a real prawn fritter! Many restaurants serve real crappy small sized prawns, or fried with overly used oil. "Someone" always steals my fritters whenever I get fresh stocks from home!

A view from Maxwell Hill at midpoint. Even for someone like me who exercises quite often, I was panting hard and sweating all over hiking up hill using the hiker's way rather than the tar road. My heart was pumping real hard and all I could think of was to reach the end point asap. 30 minute hike.

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