Monday, March 19, 2012

Magnum, Stroopwaffles and all things Ben@Home&Solaris Dutamas, Publika

Seriously, Eva Longoria's advert really makes you crave for a Magnum. Despite its costly price of a tiny stick for RM 4, I do have the urge to splurge myself with this luxurious ice cream every now and then. Today, is one of those days. Sometimes, the urge comes along with the level of stress I faced for the day. 

This new chocolate truffle flavour is lacking complexity and character. Just another normal chocolate ice cream. I recommend sticking to the original flavour. I tried the hazelnut flavour once, also disappointing.

 Now, moving on! To.....
WOW WEE!!! A gigantic stroopwaffle from Starbucks Indonesia, courtesy of Dogma. Half of the waffle was dipped with chocolate sauce. The size was big enough to let it sit on top of my hot cuppa home brewed coffee, allowing the steam from the fragrant aroma Maxwell coffee to seep into the caramelized layers of deliciousness.

WOW WEE!!! I really can't wait for June to arrive for stroopwaffle stock replenishment!
One of those working Saturdays again. Came over after working out in the gym. A rainy stormy Saturday, coupled with a hot cuppa cappucino, served with a slice of biscotti. Nicely prep-ed coffee but taste wise was average.RM 6 for a small cuppa. Mai hiam la.

This was the almond banana cake. RM 11. So so la.

Tasted like an expensive version of the sliced banana cakes we get from high school or university cafeterias.(The sliced ones came from those really long block of banana cake by suppliers. I'm sure many of you know what I mean). I've yet to taste a good cake from BEN's with the exception of the macadamia brownie.

These desserts play an important role on a working Saturday. Else, working gear can't start running!

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