Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dinner with the airhead@Plan B, Bangsar Village

I just realised, man.. I've been visiting BEN's too much lately. So many foodie picts from there. Phew.

I had dinner with my friend, to catch up and also 'pirate' some movies and series from his precious 1terrabyte HDD. He is a soup man. A must-have dish in almost all meals, if soup is available. He ordered the mushroom soup. RM10.

This was the creamiest, thickest mushroom soup I've ever tasted. You could chew chunks of mushrooms and after few spoonfuls, you feel full already. We both could not finish this. Definitely a mail meal on its own.
Quite a worthy deal.

The carbonara. Sliced ham, mushrooms.. and creamy again. Phew. I felt my coronary arteries flagging out distress signals. Nonetheless, it was quite tasty too. Portion was just nice for one hungry tummy.

I ordered my usual duck confit ciabatta, just for the sake of eating the duck confit. I really like BEN's duck confit, especially the one served with pasta in his sister restaurant, BEN's grocer. Save half a piece for my next day lunch meal :)

This was my first time eating the macadamia brownie with vanilla ice cream. My colleagues raved so highly on this dessert and despite being full, I convinced my fellow friend here to stuff our full tummies with this brownie. RM 11.

Yes, it was as sinful as it looked. Drizzled with chocolate sauce ( I believe it came from Hershey's as it tasted like it). The brownie was very soft, and dense. The baker probably used very little flour in his/her recipe. The macadamia chunks laid on the bottom.

To me, vanilla ice cream goes well with almost all desserts, especially warm ones. Obviously, this one did not fail to complement the brownie well.

We finished our dinner with very strong urges to change into the loose, oversize comfy sleeping clothes. Just a meal like this alone made our work clothes suddenly tight!

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