Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bday Dinner@Shuraku, Solaris Mont Kiara

A treat for the one who turns a year older. A big 1 in addtion to the big 3. 

 Shuraku proves to be quite unique. Its decor is designed in such a way that local Japs may feel at home, and local Malaysians get excited to get a feel of how it's like to eat in Japan. Young college looking kids (probably working on a semester break) working hard grilling those delicious meat on skewers under the burning hot coal. I do respect their attitude and endurance towards working in such an environment. I can't iamgine myself fanning these goodies grilled to perfection, only to be served. I would be eating them on my own!

 Not quite sure why the menu is designed like this. To confuse me? Or to display creativity.

 Minced pork meat shaped into sausage-like and grilled. RM 6. 2 bites max I give you, and it is gone.

This, was a little expensive I would say. 5 short strips of long beans grilled with some coated batter. RM 6.

 These baby squids were fried and served with spiced mayonaise. A little overcooked, as they were too chewy. Luckily, they were small, some were swallowed. :/ RM 16.

I always do feel slightly bad when it comes to eating "baby" stuffs...... Baby squids, piglets, veal.......

 Bomb sushi rolls, with unagi, avocado topped with bonito flakes. RM 28. Super delicious! I quietly thought about ordering one more, but Number31boy being on a sturdy strict diet gave the shake " no-no".

Japanese pancakes RM 25. We ordered to try out what is the difference between Jap and Korean pancakes. The size was the most obvious difference. This was relatively smaller than a Korean pancake. The batter was also more dense. One slice and a half more was too much for me. Tastewise, I guess the slight difference in the addition of herbs made its taste varied from the Koreans. The korean pancakes had a lot more spring onions and leeks.

Total damage for this meal: RM 96. Did we eat a lot? I would say, not really. The pancake was the item that made us felt really full. After all it had a lot of starch and batter in it.

A worthy try, especially if you come with a group of friends. Then, you would be able to eat a bigger variety of food. You could spot local Japs sake-ing while talking about their day at work ( I guess? ).

Tuesdays are buy 1 free 1 beer promotion.

I probably would drop by again sometime in future for a meal. Interesting place!

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