Monday, February 20, 2012

CNY Eve Reunion Dinner@Demona's home in Taiping

 Apek Shandy greets Giong Hee Huat Chai! My dog will only raise his front paw when there's food dangling in front of him. Useless fella...

 Sometimes the best food come in the most humble way... Roast pork from Aulong market. Really, really good pork. All raw, jumbled and packed in plastic and wrapped with old newspaper. Unlike the nicely presented, well laid roast pork in chinese restaurants.

My house being the hub every CNY gathering. Relatives from all over drove up to Taiping. Not enough space to park in the compound.
 My cousin brothers getting all steamy and hot by the charcoal heated grill. Cousin sisters and aunts, sit back and watch while sipping icey cold drinks. And 'patiently' waited for the food.

 We had all kinds of grilled meat: Chicken wings, stingray, salmon, prawns, fishballs, meatballs, sausages, porkchop, burps!

Tender juicy fattened chicken wings. Yums! Meat marinater chef cousin brother of mine, brought his trademark herbs all the way from KL. Respecto!
 On top of marinating all those meat, he also made sangria. According to him, the key ingredient is the lemon slices. Pretty nice to drink, especially over spicy hot grilled food. As expected, I was one of the only few ones who enjoyed drinking. The rest of the boys went hardcore and followed my dad to bottoms up shots of hard liquor. Jameson and JW Black Label, finished in 1 -2 hours, leaving behind boys puking by the drain and some other happy high. Spirit of CNY!

Gigantic piece of pork chop... all for me and me only!

I collected all the bones and one dog became lucky this CNY, bones supply for 1 week. Lucky Hazel!

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