Friday, February 10, 2012

Junkfood@Incheon International Airport, Seoul

Time to bid Korea goodbye. It was a fruitful 10 day journey. Spiritually blessed.. and physically too! Phew. We arrived at the airport few hours earlier than needed, thus had plenty of time to kill.
One last bite on a local ice cream cone. Walls Cornetto still rawked. What I really liked about the airport was that most of the goods sold here were not priced higher than normal. Unlike our nice-to-look-at but inconvenient KLIA, FnB items here cost a good 20-30% higher than normal. Rubbish! Those shopaholics who insist that they have not bought enough, can still do a final round of shopping in Incheon, without having to feel like they are ripped off. In KLIA, you will feel otherwise.
Eating in a local MCD has always been something habitual for me. Especially, trying out items that are not sold in Malaysia. This was a double beef patty with a slice of pork bacon burger, drizzled over with BBQ sauce. If my big toes would bend 90 degrees from other toes, like my thumb and fingers, I'd do 4 thumbs-toes up!
The taste of the fries differed also. I strongly suspect it was due to the pork frying in the oil. They had a moderate hint of lard taste. SINFUL.

After a filling MCD meal, we still had 3 hours to kill before having to check-in the boarding area. We found a spa at B1, and decided to take an expensive and long shower for Rm45, and it was totally worth it! It takes a while getting used to not being embarrassed of being naked around others.

I grabbed all the free samples given from Skinfood purchases. DYI facial while soaking naked in the hot tub, with lady strangers. I'd thought that I would be a little too shy for comfort but after soaking for a while, I forgotten how quickly I started to enjoy myself chilling out by the hot waters, cold waters, sauna, and then hot waters again.

Repeated this: 10 times.

It felt really good just lying down, resting and not thinking of anything. They even provided us loose clothes to change into. You can laze in the common living room area with cozy couches and TV for a short nap, read a book, have a drink. We came out, feeling like a clean sheet of linen. Happy and clean.

The only slack part about the airport was that, most places are closed after 9 pm. We started feeling hungry again after the spa experience, but most shops were closed. The only shop that was packed with patrons was a bar. All drinking to sleep when they board the plane. We bought a bottle of soju, and ate the chips that we bought to tapao back home. This pack of chips cost only abour RM2-3, humble, crunchy, salty. Pretty enjoyable. They started selling these in Korean marts at Hartamas now, for RM6-7. Phew.

Well.. one pack ain't enough for few tummies. We opened another pack, and this one was my favourite. Spicy, crunchy, delicious and for some reason, the picture of the sunflower made me feel that the chips was slightly healthier than normal chips. Thumbs up!

They also sell these in the Korean marts in Hartamas now. Yeah, for double the price too.

Goodbye PyungKang-Cheil, goodbye Sr Pastor Abraham Park, goodbye Seoul, goodbye great foodie. We will be back, hopefully May/October this year!

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