Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dinner just outside PyungKang Cheil Church@Oryu-Dong

I made several mistakes this trip.I did not note down the names of the restaurants that I'd dine in.

I could only remember was the location of the area. This restaurant was situated just a street away from the church. We dined in together with some Singapore Zion church members after the service.

One of the better fried spicy pork dishes among the many that I've tried before. Super, duper spicy! An excellent choice for a really cold, chilly and windy night.

The seafood soup was also quite delicious. Hot soupy meals are always great when eaten in a cold weather. The chef was pretty generous with the ingredients. The picture clearly showed the squids and crabs popping out.

This Korean style chicken curry dish was average. If only the potatoes boiled a little while longer, releasing the stickiness of the starch, making the gravy thick and juicy, the dish might have been awesome. I still preferred our local "KahLiKeh". Local chicken curry rawks!

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