Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A fallen worldly dinner@I have no idea where this was, but it was along our way to the midnight shopping district

After the 3 day Yeoju retreat, we returned to Seoul. This was our first night out, and shopping, shopping, shopping was the night's agenda.
After receiving so much spiritual blessings, we returned to the ugly, frightful, sinful, fallen world. I'll explain why.

 We were heading towards the midnight shopping district. It was quite cold that night. Along the way, we came upon a stall, with puffs of steam coming out from pots and pans. Locals dining here were half tipsy, happily chatting away their day's endeavors. Some of us are fans of shell thingies (not for me), therefore we decided to have a quick bite at the roadside.

Peculiar looking shell thingies (varying breeds of clams) were placed on our table. My friends quickly toothpicked out the juicy bits inside the shells.

 We also bought some fried chicken from a nearby vendor. Too oily, and sinfully fatty. Not good.

Although the fried chicken was below average, the lady owner has a heart of gold. She gave us a free plate of dolboki. Unfortunately, the dolboki tasted just as bad as the fried chicken. The rice cakes were too hard, and it was difficult to swallow them. The only good part was its spicy chilli sauce, which ended up as a dipping sauce for the blanched clams.

During the course of our street food snacks, we were reminded how we are still fallen, stuck in this sinful, dying world when several funny scenes happened right before our eyes.

a) Some drunk guy slurring, limping away decided to take a "leak" at a potted plant placed just next to our table. What a put-off sight and we crossed our fingers, hoping the guy wouldn't abruptly decide to leak on us.
b) Soon after, a MPV zoomed past us and stopped several shops ahead of our table. Sexy, skimpily dressed ladies walked out the vehicle and headed towards a narrow alley. Some went into a shady, neon lited corner lot shop. In a couple of minutes time, two policemen came in a car and the ladies were seen hurriedly running off. From nowhere, a different MPV appeared and the girls ran in and the vehicle quickly zoomed off.
c) Bunches and bunches of red faced drunkards in black suits, leather bags and shiny ties were seen walking out from the narrow alleys.
d) A homeless old man collecting old boxes punching a retarded fat girl, till the girl fell to the ground and bruised her arm. Policemen came not long after and broke the fight.

All these happened in just 20-30 minutes of our meal time and we felt that God has really opened our eyes that night to remind us what a world we are in today. We decided to leave the area. While walking away, we stumbled upon the highlight for the night.

Two old men, probably the age of 70-80, weary, haggard, thin to the bones, and whatever hair left on their heads were white. Both drunk, both laughing away, hugging each other. They were going into make-out mode. One of them was trying to kiss the other.

I thought to myself. My gosh! Even for gays, I had to witness the oldest of the oldest. The highlight reminder for us all.

Shopping temporarily took our minds off the incident early. After 1 - 2 hours of shopping, we grew tired. The sudden heavy downpour made things worse. We decided to go for supper. Tani! A jug of beer... impossible for 2 of us to finish at 2 a.m. The rest of  my girlfriends continued on shopping.

More fried chicken. Koreans love BBQ fried chicken, when beer comes into the picture. The spicy sauce fried chicken woken us up. The spiciness, phew! We could not finish them either.

When the heavy rain reduced to drizzles, it was already nearly 4 a.m. Ladies were still shopping. Madness!
We packed the fried chicken leftovers and they became supper food for my friend. He deserved a good treat, having carried out a tiring job of accompanying my girlfriend shopping from 10 pm to 4. a.m.

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