Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner like a local before the shytty 3D quality Pirates of the Carribean 4

We heard stories of thrilling movie watching adventures from friends who went to the 4D cinema in Seoul. The ticket cost RM 50, but the thought of watching an action movie with motion master seats sounded like a really awesome experience.

On our final few days left in Seoul, we decided to pay RM 50 for a 2 hour motion master ride.

Sadly, the only cinema that we came across as in Myung Dong, which did not have the 4D choice. We went online to check on cinema websites. Helpless act too, as it was all written in Korean. We went to another cinema branch few stops away from Myung Dong.

Hope suddenly appeared brighter for us when the cinema appeared to look big and prestigious. Despite our
struggles (unable to read a single word on the board, teenage ticket sellers by the counter who could not speak an ounce of English, walking for hours)... no 4D movie.
We settled for Pirates of the Carribean 4 3D. We could not even get the guys by the counter to answer us if the movie was dubbed in Korean or not. We just crossed our fingers that Johnny Depp would not speak Anyong in the movie. 

While waiting for the movie to start, we rushed over across to road and had our dinner. A quickie 1 hour bite before Captain Jack Sparrow went on board the Black Pearl.

My apologies on missing out all the restaurants' names, including this one. We were glad that our waitress was a Chinese lady, and she explained a little on some of the food when we ordered. Even threw in a free bowl of eggy-ish soup, somewhat reminded me of the starchless version of "Wa Tan Hor" gravy.
The place was decorated like as if we were staying in a wooden house in the midst of a jungle. Plants were everwyhere, and the place was packed with happy locals (Happy as in .. happy high, from bottles of Soju). Each table had at least 4 bottles of Soju lying around. What impressed me even more are the local ladies and their abilities to hold on their alcohol well. I know a bottle of soju is enough to turn me into a cooked lobster, and tipsy. I can't imagine 4 bottles on my own! Maybe if I stayed here several months more... .I might just pull through 2 bottles over.

The choices of appetizers served were slightly different from the usual stuffs. They gave more bean choices here. I wonder if different areas in Korea serve different appetizers. Hmmm..

The minced beef fried rice. Very interesting flavour! Quite delicious alright, but I wondered where did all the meat go. The pictures above was before the nicely piled rice get tossed all over looking for meat.

Beef curry. Awh so good! The meat was so tender. The meat would just fall off when you scrapped it off the bone.
The quantity was a bit too much for us. With regrets, there was quite a bit of leftover food. We could not stuff them in anymore. BURPS.

Good meal, good meal!

But the movie.... the movie, was disappointing. To think that in a country that produces Samsung products, and wherever you go, you see good quality TV screens displayed in public areas that the cinema quality would be top notch. THINK again.

The 3D was so dark, dim and the screen was tiny. As it was the movie was boring to me, the poor quality made it even worse. And yeah, the ticket cost me RM 40. RM 10 more I would get to sit a motion master seat, argh! By far the worse 3D movie experience that I ever had. Even worse than some I had in One Utama and Tropicana City mall.


FoodieFC said...


wow, are you living in Korea?

demonafire said...


No, I'm currently in KL.

I went to Korea last year for a church trip, but did not post any pictures. Being a foodie person, most pictures on delicious edibles.

You're based in Spore?

FoodieFC said...


yes based in Singapore, am a Singaporean. I been to Korea for 4 months before. Hence, was excited when I saw your Korean post =)

demonafire said...

Wow, 4 months. How cool.

Please recommend some good Korean restaurants in Seoul, most likely I will be going there again this year for the same reason.

I really enjoyed my foodie experience there.

demonafire said...
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FoodieFC said...

could you give me your email address so that I can send to you. Or email me at foodiefc@gmail.com

I love my foodie experience in Korea. So much so that after I came back I never touch korean food as it has been adapted to local (Singapore) taste which I am now not used to.

demonafire said...

Thanks a lot!

My email: demona.fire@gmail.com.

Certain Korean restaurants in KL serve pretty authentic Korean food. Do try a few if you ever make a trip up to KL.

I worked in Spore before, about a year. My Korean food experience there was (brutally honest) very bad, and expensive too!

FoodieFC said...


just sent you, check your email. Real Korean food taste nothing like what is in Singapore. I am so disappointed by singapore korean food. If you know any that taste like the real korean food, let me know!