Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random interesting food@Seoul, Korea

 Strawberries come in abundance for a real cheap price here. I love it! How could a huge basin of strawberries only cost RM 15? These were easily the length of a finger. 5 of us ate almost half a basin and were full from these red juiciness. The remaining strawberries, we gave an old man who was sitting by the stairs heading to the underground MRT. You could see so many of them sitting nearby MRT stops where high traffic of peoplle walking in and out, trying to earn a tiny penny.

Some shine shoes, some sell vegetables, some sell socks. I really wondered how could their children allow this to happen to very people that brought them up from the time that crawling was only what they knew.

We gave our strawberries to an old man selling socks, and the joy on his face was a real joy for us to see. When we moved away, we looked back and saw him happily sharing his strawberries with another old lady who sat across from where he was.

 A blue fin tuna! Nicely sliced and slaughtered, displayed for all these hungry humans to gawk, salivate and slice even more. Found at the large mall (what was the name of the mall again?) by Namdaemun market. We were lost for a really long while, walking blindly in the rain.

A rather unpleasant walk, phew.

Korean dumplings! Not very good. Over here, you can purchase a frozen pack of 15 dumplings for RM12 - RM 15. RM 1 plus per dumpling... Not cheap too. Phew.

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