Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dinner@Plan B

Dinner a little too heavy for two.

Carbonara: sliced ham, mushrooms and a whole lot of creaminess going on again, burps! Quite nice to eat but arteries may be clogged, guys! Rm20ish.
The mushroom soup (rm10) was truly creamy as crack. You could munch bits and pieces of spliced mushrooms. We could not finish it. Definitely a main meal tho' it is meant as an appetizer.

Duck confit ciabatta: thumbs up! My second time having this. Crunchy duck meat, topped with chopped walnuts and Sundried tomatoes. Healthy to the max. Could only finish half. The other half became my lunch the next day. The chips are better off finished upon serving itself, because the next day they turned treacle-like. Hard as hell. The only thing that is slightly peculiar, is the salad dressing. Too spicy for my liking. Simple olive oil with herbs would have been good enough. Rm23.

The ultimate calorie killer was the macadamia brownie, rm11. Came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with hersheys choc syrup as a finishing. Quite good i must say, the brownie was so soft and chocolatey. Not sweet so as to blend in with the sweet vanilla ice cream and choc syrup.

And now... To let go my fly. Tummy bursting out!

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