Thursday, February 2, 2012

Korean style vege fritters@Namdaemun Market

The clothings sold here, personally speaking, were a little too "matured". After a stroll along several streets under the heavy drizzle, I got bored and decided to food venture.

I stumbled upon this interesting looking stall. One man was standing by the hot grill and was shouting out loud to attract customers (Most likely raving about how delicious his fritters are). He went on shouting on the top of his lungs for at least a good 10 minutes, rested a few seconds and resumed shouting.

How in the world did he retain his voice by doing this everyday amazes me.

Halfway screaming, he occasionally helped his buddy to flip over those fritters. While flipping, he was still screaming. Definitely added a little spice on them fritters. Ptui ptui ptui.

His buddy then turned behind and started stuffing beansprouts and spicy mixed vegetables into the ball of batter. The queue was AMAZINGly long. I got curious, and ended up queuing along.

After a good 15 minute wait, my turn came and I bought one, for 1000 won (RM 3 plus). I must admit, that I was slightly disappointed. It had quite a strong oily pungent aroma, and the tissue was soaked up shortly after. It tasted quite wierd to me, savoury, sourish and chewy. Another version of a chinese 'chai kuih' (vegetable dumpling), but ours taste much healthier and tastier.

Oh well, one taste can't fit all. It fitted the local Koreans for sure, looking at the long queue.

Interesting try!

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