Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lou Sang at Lao Heong@Sentul Perdana, Bandar Baru Sentul

Lou sang has never really been my thing every CNY. My family never follow this tradition since I was a kid. I don't understand the significance of this tradition but it is fun to toss and turn food around with friends yelling into your faces " Huat ah! Strike toto ah! Get new job ah! Prosperity ah!"

This was my first for this 2012 CNY. Chinese people always amaze me, on their methods of making money. The lou sang ingredients are dirt cheap (with exception of some salmon slices which would not cost much), and restaurants charge a bomb for this 2-minute tradition during CNY.

Lao Heong's lou sang was at a real affordable price. If I am not mistaken, only RM 25. We were thrilled and surprised at how cheap it cost... until the salmon slices came. Any guesses? 1 mm slice? 2 mm slice? 3 mm slice?

What made it worse was that plate itself was orange too. We could hardly see the salmon.


Lao Heong is famous for this La La dish. The spicyness came from the ginger which is heavily locked in the sauce. I am not a huge shell fan, thus I left it for my friends to devour those clams.

Another trademark dish of this restaurant. I must admit, even with overly used oil (from the colour of the fried chicken) they were quite good. Probably nicely marinated. The chicken was a little fatty too, I guess another reason why.

Some veges to feel less guilty.

Yet, another trademark dish of this restaurant. Squid in creamy buttery sauce. The squids were slightly overcooked. A bit too chewy, but the chefs covered the flaws using the creamy sauce. Pretty yummy if you have strong teeth.

This was the ultimatum dish! Pork knuckles ala Chinese style, with spicy sweet thick gravy. It was HUGE. Our eyes gleamed upon its arrival. What I can say is, Germans can pack their bags and send their pork knuckles home as Lao Heong is here to stay! One of the best I ever ate, besides the one in PJ Seafood opposite Lim Tayar, in PJ state.

The skin was so crunchy, but when you plunged your fork in it, the softness of the meat would break down and release a hot steam. Quite a lean knuckle too I must say. The pig had a good run prior his sacrifice to please us humans.

Total damage for this entire meal including lou sang was only RM 25 per pax! Worth every penny lo!

Even with 6 of us around, we could not finish it. Some meat were left and our friend decided to tapao to give this homeless stray dog who prowls in the vicinity of his neighbourhood.

This dog, he believes, was tortured as its neck was found bruised and bleeding when he saw it. Probably struggled to break free from the chains. The dog was so skinny that it was just skin and bones. My friend had been bringing food periodically to feed it and after 2 months, the dog looked better, but still very thin.

When I get hold of the pictures, I'll post them up.

For dog lovers, those images will really break your heart.

This dog is a fighter, it survives until today with a mission of getting enough food to live and having shelter from rain.

The giant pork knuckle bone will make its day.

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