Saturday, March 29, 2008

Butterscotch Brownies@Demona's Home

Demona: After a week's work in Ipoh, I headed home for the weekend. Time for another baking frenzy session!

This time around, I chose walnuts and butterscotch as my theme. I bought a packet of walnuts (500 g) a while back for baking purposes but never gotten a chance to use them yet. Cost me RM 10. :(

The first recipe: Butterscotch brownies

Demona: I had about 200 g of white chocolate chips left, not enough for one recipe. Thus, I headed out to TeJia, a local bakery supplies shop where I usually get my ingredients. Things sold here aren't that cheap, but it saves me time as they've got most of the baking ingredients here. One chunk of 250 g white chocolate cost me RM 4.00. I chopped it into small chunks.

Demona: Firstly, I double boiled some butter and white chocolate till they were melted.

Demona: On another bowl, I stirred the eggs and brown sugar and mixed them well.

Demona: After adding the melted mixture into the bowl of eggs and sugar, the batter thickened and became sticky. It resembled a caramel or toffee.

Demona: I broke the walnuts into smaller chunks with my hands and threw them into the batter.

Demona: In went the white chocolate chips and vanilla essence as well.

Demona: Whoa-lah! The batter is now ready to burn and cook in the fiery hot alien oven which mom owns. (Refer to the chocolate muffins post under my baking frenzy to view the strange looking oven)

Verdict: After baking for roughly 30 minutes, the sweet butter aroma had already spread all around the kitchen area. The batter had turned crunchy looking, painted with a bronze golden brown colour. While waitin for it to cool down, I started on my second recipe.

It took about another good 30 minutes for the batter to cool down. I anxiously cut up a few slices, and took picts of it. I may sound extremely full of myself, but the butterscotch brownies tasted extremely, extremely wonderful! I actually thought it was going to be a little too sweet but turned out the sweetness was just nice. The moist chewy texture of it made each bite heavenly! The walnuts were the downside of the whole recipe. My walnuts were not fresh, thus they had lost their crunchyness. To improve on the taste, I'll get the walnuts from the market next time.

Other than that....Oooohhhhhhh... I can't stop cutting up another slice, and another slice, and another slice....

Counting back the cost, about RM 11 for white chocs, RM 7 for walnuts (I only used 3/4 pack), sugar, flour, electricity.. my cost of baking did not come cheap too. The yield was an average 25cm x 25cm x 3 cm. Unless I am selling at RM 10-12 for a square piece of brownie, I will not be able to profit with such high cost of baking. Stinging on ingredients would definitely affect the taste too.

AIH... I think I need to bake in Singapore :P KA-CHING, Dogma!

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