Saturday, March 29, 2008

White coffee breakfast session@Kopitiam next to Sin Yoon Loong

Demona: Sin Yoon Loong was packed to the brim that sunny morning. We zombies, were desperate for a sip of icy cold creamy fragrant white coffee to jumpstart our sleepy minds. We walked over to the adjacent coffee shop, which was packed too but at least a few tables were empty.

I have no idea what was the name of the coffee shop, so I decided to name it the "kopitiam next to SYL".

Demona: *SIPSSSSSSS* Ah! Pure bliss! Extreme satisfaction! My mind was slowly waking up. The white coffee over here was just as good as SYL, I could hardly tell the difference.

Demona: The kaya butter toast bread layer was a little thick compared to SYL's, nevertheless, the toast tasted fairly good: sweetie-licious, crunchy, buttery!

Demona: My colleague ordered a plate of Chee Cheong Fun from the hawker stall parked outside the coffee shop. Many people were queuing up for the CCF, I reckoned it must have been darn good for such a queue formation.

Indeed, if you do see a queue for food in Ipoh, you can put your 100% trust into its taste. Ipoh-ians will not settle for anything less than GREAT, as with all small town folks, as their taste buds are tuned up high since many of most great delicacies originate from these places.

The texture of the CCF, was so so smooth! You can actually slurp each strip up, like 7-11's Slurpy! Be wary of CCF sauce splatter all over your face and clothes, as the CCF was THAT smooth. The chilli sauce, green chilli slices and deep fried shallots were a great combination to eat along with the CCF. The portion was HUGE. Enough for 1 man or 2 ladies. Only RM 2.50. Fuh! Cheap and Gooooooooooooooood-ah!

Verdict: You can't go wrong trying any food, especially Chinese cuisine, in Ipoh, even if you have not heard of the coffee shop or restaurant before. Be adventurous! If you have found a new great eatery, buzz me!

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