Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zui FairPrice Seafood Restaurant

2 Prawning Rods: 3 hrs: 6 prawns: 60SGD:

That is the cost of prawning for us today...

Frustrated with our poor catch today, I drove the gang to Zui Fairprice Seafood Restaurant at Upper Thompson Road for dinner after the prawning session.

We ordered the 4 pax set menu@68bucks and they steam our prawns for free..

Steamed Big Head Prawns/Tua Tao Hei: Pretty average. But we got a bit put off as teh chef did not bother to clean the prawns properly.

Steamed Live Fish: Nothing to shout about but the portion was pretty big.

Braised Tofu: Again, it was an average dish. Basically jsut braised tofu with mushrooms and vegetables.

Steamed chicken: It was nice to eat this together with the black pepper dip.
Lotus roots and Pork soup: This was quite URGH. It looks exactly like what they serve for the workers during dinner. Basically jsut pieces of lotus roots boil together with CHUNKS of PORK FAT. Yuck.
Black Pepper Dip: Not bad. Spicy with some funky Sichuan note.
Garlic Chilli: Demona's fav.. I.. neeed.... CHILLI!!!
Sweet Sour Pork: Average.

Verdict: All the dishes were average at best. We should not have ordered the set meals.....
I'll give them 1 more chance before condemning Zui Fairprice to the darkest dungeon of Foodilogy.

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