Sunday, March 23, 2008


Demona: My mom and dad nagged me for looking PUI PUI "fat fat/ chubby wubby". Sniffs sniffs. Pants tight. Arms big. Face pao-ish, useful as a punching bag. All thanks to a food venturing, crazy eating, binging yet truly fun and enjoyable weekend trip in Singapore.

Besides eating outside, we also bought some "HEALTH" snacks back home to eat while snuggling under Dogma's small and thin layer of blanket, watching streamline movies, and whatever program that was showing on Mediacorp's Channel 5.

Demona: Klondike. Dogma had been eyeing on this for a long, long while. Since it was on offer, he bought a box home. Cost SGD 4, with 4 palm sized oreo cookies, sandwich-ing a chunk of oreo biscuit blended vanilla ice cream.

Demona: I was greatly disappointed. The oreo cookie was soft, soft, soft. Each bite was ... *Groans* If the cookie was harder, like normal oreo cookies, then the Klondike would be yummy. The ice cream was alright, but you can easily prepare this on your own at home. Just get a tub of vanilla ice cream, blend some oreo biscuits, pour them in and mix thoroughly. Then, slap the ice cream in between two oreo cookies.

Demona: In conjunction with Easter holiday, Dogma bought me a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny. He was a little annoyed when we saw a huge bunch of golden bunnies right next to Commonwealth's NTUC branch cashier quoting the price of SGD 5.90 for a bunny, when he bought it at SGD 8.90. Nevertheless, it was the thought that counts. A very sweet (and sinful) gesture from Dogma.

The chocolate was quite nice. Lindt always produces great products. However, we felt a little cheated when we found out that the bunny was hollow inside. It was supposed to be fully covered. A whole, chunky chocolate bunny.

Demona: My own food creation. Get a bunch of SEEDLESS grapes, make sure they're sweet because sour ones just spoil the whole thing. Then, get yourself a strawberry or blueberry flavoured yoghurt, and pour all over the grapes. YUMMYLICIOUS! You will feel full after it as well, and the best part of all... you feel HEALTHY :)

Demona: Dogma bought this chips to try out. The chips were so so only. The Dijon Mustard taste was present, but the chips were a little too oily.

Demona: This one, was quite nice. The japaleno taste was really strong and the portion was generous. We felt like we munched on them for quite a while before we finished it up. Quite a worthy buy.

Demona: The smell was so cheezy, when we popped the pack open. I never failed to enjoy eating Ruffles chips because they are chunky, giving a nice bite feeling to it, unlike others who are mostly crumbly or broken into tiny pieces. The Ruffles Sour Cream and Onions flavour is much better than this one.

Verdict: How to not get fat like this ? :(

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