Friday, March 7, 2008

Juha Farewell@Clementi

Juha, my Finnish comrade is heading back home after 5 days bunking at my little hairy room.
What better ways to send him off than some good old local Tze Char food + a mug of Tiger beer?

Location: Clementi Central
Restaurant: Hong Kong Zhen Ji


Indian Fried Chicken@$2.50: A weird choice of appetiser while waiting for our dishes to arrive. The chicken was refried, barely warm and practically tasteless. SH**T. The indian guy also insist of me paying the exact amount as he refused to make another 10 steps trip back with the changes. Luckily Juha has an extra 50 cents to lend me. Thumbs up to Singapore Heartland Service Standard.

Sheng Mee@$4: HongKong fried noodle drenched in some sauces. The portion is huge for $4 and comes with good slices of fishes and some stale prawn. However, the noodles has an pungent stale oil smell to it. Even the sauces/chilli count not cover the oil smell. Refried noodle anyone?

FooYong Egg@$6: Not too bad for $6 dollars. The fried egg comes stuffed with ample servings of onions, mushrooms and chillis. It is a tad oily but still not too bad!

Thai Fried Tofu@$8: OK, i tot they meant proper tofu but in the end what you had is some overly fried Tofu mixture with some fish paste in excessive batter. The taste was not bad as you could taste some real fish in it but the batter was too much and too oily.

Sweet and Sour Pork@$8: Not too bad. Just right amount of sweetness to it. The pork is tender as well.

Prawn Paste Chicken@$10: Juha's favouraite dish. For me, i find the batter again is too excessive covering the real taste of hte chicken. You could hardly taste the prawn paste as well.

Overall cost@ 34 dollars. Well, it's kinda value for money for the amount you pay. However, I wasn't too happy when i see the portion of the food that they served us. While ordering the waitress mentioned that the amount we ordered were just nice for 2, but you could clearly see from the picture it could be a feast for 4. Thumbs down to that!

Tiger Beer@$5.40: It's Tiger Time!

Bon Voyage Finlandia from the Shoppingland. See you soon perkele!

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