Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peach Garden Restaurant@Thompson Plaza

Demona: Hi foodie lovers!

Yes, I am still crippled. Relapsed again.
I managed to retrieve my batteries and charger, and was thrilled to able to blog again...

BUT my tragically ill laptop had officially R.I.P., thus I won't be able to blog until my Dr. IT cousin zaps my laptop back to life.

I am currently in Singapore now, for a weekend break. My itching fingers are desperate to type out the nice lunch I had with Dogma about 2 hours ago at Peach Garden Restaurant, in Thompson Plaza.

*Hehe. Using his PC now*

Demona: We arrived at around 11.30 am. The restaurant was still fairly quiet since we were early, complemented by a faint instrumental chinese music playing behind. With the high waitress headcount, I reckon that the restaurant would be packed by lunch and dinner time.

Demona: Honey roasted walnuts coated with sesame seeds were immediately placed on our table, serving as the appetizer. The walnuts had a beautiful roast aroma and they were crunchy. The taste of honey and sesame were released when you chewed them. I am not sure how this would actually help open up my appetite, I think this fits more as a snack to me. This cost SGD 2. (WOW)

Demona: Sweetened spicy chilli was served at the same time as the walnuts. It wasn't too bad, but a little too sweet for my liking.

Demona: Dim Sum must have HAR KAUS. I was nagged by Dogma for the horribly poor picture taking of the dish. SORRY - LOR. The har kau was pretty nice. Although the prawn size was a little smaller than certain dim sum restaurants, it made up for its juicy sweet, and chewiness. I think Ming Room and Lai Po Heen still beat Peach Garden to it. SGD 3.90 for 3.

Demona: Another session of nagging by Dogma for the blurry picture.

Dogma: "Are you taking the Siew Mais or taking the bamboo basket?"
Demona: "*SIGH* SORRY-LOR."

The Siew Mais were also fairly nice. Chunks of flavourful prawns, mushrooms, meat were wrapped up in the yellow skin topped with roe. It was a little over steamed though, as you could see that the roe had already melted. The size of the siew mai was quite big. That was the first thing that I noticed when the steamy bamboo basket came. SGD 3.90 for 3.

Demona: Mumbling "tsk tsk, lu gai.... lu gai....", and shaking his head with disbelief on how badly I fared at the photo taking session, he took over the portfolio and snapped a beautiful up close pict of a Siew Mai. Yummy looking, eh!

Demona: CSP Queen must have CSP of course!

The CSPs were quite small, but the inner fillings were generous. I did not need to leave excess char siew-less dough behind, which happens pretty often at restaurants who give big looking paos, but only to disappoint you with tiny winy bits of fillings.

The taste of the fillings were so so only. It was sweet, and you could see chunks of char siew meat in it, but they did not climb high in my top favourite CSP list! SGD 3.30 for 3. SGD 1.10 for each, pretty decent price for CSP in a dim sum restaurant.

Verdict: The bill came up to SGD 19.65. Not bad, considering it was only about SGD 10 per head. It would have already exceeded RM 10 if I were to eat the same choice and the same portion in a dim sum restaurant in KL. One basket of Siew Mai or Har Kau will probably cost me RM 6 or 7, maybe more.

The Pu Er tea was quite expensive, SGD 1.80 per head. According to Dogma, this tea is able to help break down the oil and fat that we consumed and if the tea is above 30 years old, it can cost up to more than SGD 100.

Expensive tea? And breaks down oil and fat? WOW. Two driving factors for me to gulp down at least 6 cups of it before I leave. Must make SGD 1.80 of Pu Er worth.

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