Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seafood: Frozen Prawn vs Fresh Prawn

I'd froze a couple of the prawns caught that day for a few hours before cooking them.

You know, I was born near a fishing village and many of our kampung dudes refuse to eat frozen seafood as they deem it substandard and not worth chewing on.

Now it is time for a round of Pepsi test between Fresh Prawn and Frozen Prawn

Fresh Prawn cooked ala BBQ in garlic butter:
Verdict: Yummy Wummy. The prawn meat was succulent and firm.

Frozen Prawn cooked in tomato paste with chili powder
Verdict: Prawn meat no longer as firm and easily disintegrated. Lacking of any sweetness.

The old folks back home is do their prawns!!
Fresh prawns 1, Frozen Prawns 0.

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