Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blessed lunch@Pyung Kang Cheil church, Oryu Dong

 I can never erase it out of my mind the first time I sat in the Moriah Sanctuary on the first Sunday there. The church choir played "How Great Thou Art", which happens to be one of my favourite hymns. Hearing the orchestra played it live along with a huge group of choir members singing it in Korean (although I do not understand it, and could only read the translations) but the sound resonates so beautifully, it truly made me tear. The choir group in total has nearly 4000 members.

I am glad I filmed it in video also. Sometimes, on the way to work in the morning jam, I'll listen to it to bring me back to this moment.

Lunch was served after the service, and we paid around RM 40 for this (they were really hospitable to us, and we had several free meals already in the past few days here). The chicken chop was so delicious, nicely fried with the crunchy coated breadcrumbs, drizzled over sweetened soy sauce. What blessings!

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