Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We-feel-like-italians-day meals@Tosca, Doubletree Hilton

Today, we dine as italians.

Today, we want all things carb.

A wide array of freshly toasted bread as appetizers. Mini ciabattas, breadsticks, crispbread all warmly served. Seriously, we could eat this and skip the mains. I was tempted for the second piece but painfully resisted.

Pizza was hugeeeeee. Might i say. The toppings were a little insincere but its light yet fluffy thin dough layer made up for its overall taste. Though it looked huge, we all agreed if we were starving we might just be able to finish the entire pizza, ALONE. This chicken pizza total damage: RM 34. Advisable to share for smaller eaters.

Pasta: for one who constantly cooks, sometimes i can't tell why pastas cost so much. Ive yet to crave any pasta, except the duck confit pasta from Ben's. This pasta was a very simple pasta, nothing much to shout about. I think it was tagged around rm30.

Nice view though, by the pool and the hotel was nicely structured which allowed this open space to have breeze blowing in constantly. It would be nice to have a romantic dinner here.

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