Thursday, January 26, 2012

fried chicken and chips and all corns poppy@Korean Restaurant nearby PKC, Oryu Dong

It was my first time ever eating a butterless, oil free, charcoal flavoured popcorn. Initially, it did taste peculiar to me, but after awhile, you get a hang of eating them. Somehow, the crunchiness of popcorn remained and without the caramel usually found in our local popcorns, you can really go on and on eating them (Free flow by the way)

I like how they served beer too. This was as extremely huge jug, built in two plastic layers. I suspect it helps maintain the coolness of the beer. I once drank from a pint with similar design as well (two layers of glass) in Shanghai. Not sure what difference does it make to the beer, but I guess, psychologically, i felt that my beer tasted fresher and cooler than regular pint beers.

Icey cold beer without greasy food is totally NOT COOL. Hence, we ordered a plate of fried drummets with chips and potato balls. Bear in mind, this was not dinner, but supper (just two hours after dinner) Yikes!

And who were we kidding? Beer + Fried greasy deliciousness = happy ending with fruits? 
This was the biggest pile of fruits served as desserts, that I had ever encountered. Usually, these come in the usual watermelon or papaya slices. 

Korea rawks!

OK. I thought this was crazy cool. Instead of putting in coins/tokens and using the joystick to navigate the clamp, aiming for cheap looking stuffed toys in the arcade, why not clamp REAL LOBSTERS?

I saw a man slotting in at least 25 coins (not sure how much would that be converting into RM). After observing him, I realised that it would be really difficult for a clamp like that to catch hold of the claw of that giant lobster because its body was just too slippery. After a terrible failure in grabbing hold of any lobster, the man got really frustrated and did a little temper showing, by banging on the machine before walking off. Funny scene!

I guess those lobsters stuck inside could be slightly happier than those found in water tanks in restaurants.

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