Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sollongtang@Near Pyung-Kang Cheil Church, Oryu Dong.

I realised that I did not write a single post on my trip to Seoul to visit the main branch, Pyung-Kang Cheil Church, in OryuDong, in conjunction with Pyung-Kang day and the launch of the 6th book of the History of Redemption Series book, by the wise, humble and respectable Sr Pastor Abraham Park. The trip was truly, a spiritual blessing and awakening to me. And throughout the trip, I was also blessed physically, with the great food I had eaten. We arrived on 13th May2011 night, just in time for dinner. Pastor Andrew took us to this restaurant, just by the corner from the church. What a wonderful meal on a chilly night. I missed out noting down the restaurant's name, but apparently it is famous amongst locals. If anyone knows the name of this place, please drop a message as I'd very much like to visit it again on my next trip to PKC church.

This was the best kim chi I've ever eaten, in Korea and in my life. I was fascinated by how they serve kimchi in Korea, DIY style. The kimchi came in a relatively big pot, cabbage leaves unchopped. We were given a gigantic pair of scissors to snip the vegs into smaller pieces, according to our own liking and how much we could eat. The taste was amazing, seasoned just about enough, and preserved just about enough also.

This restaurant is widely known for its beef soup noodles. There is a special room by the dining area, full of huge iron pots and hot steam coming out from it. A man was seen inside his room overlooking the soups. According to Pastor Andrew, this restaurant has never turned off its electricity even once, and to prove its point, the monthly electricity bill is pasted on the glass door on your way out. This means that the soup has been boiling for years and years, hence its quality is without doubt.... AMAZING.

The beef slices were so tender, and the reason for its broth's  off-white appearance, is due to the 24/7 boiling of the soup, with continuous addition of beef and spices. The soup was flavourful and strong aroma of beefy-ness locked in it. Yet, not oily at all. It felt like the elixir-of-life version of a soup, each sip made me thought about how long ago was this made.

It was the best beef noodle I ever ate in my life. Speechless.

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