Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My long time colleague and good friend has finally decided to move on to a new job. Congrats to him... It was a lucrative move!

We had dinner with him as he wanted to share with us what he went through. Brought this apek to WIP for dinner/drinks.

We ordered the fried stuffed tofu, recommended by the waiters. Tofu was stuffed with meat and prawns. Fried stuffs can never stray afar from tasting good. RM 17/18, can't really recall.

Apek was craving for a carbonara. Surprisingly, this was really quite good. They were generous with the clams.. Even threw in scallops. Of course, not forgetting fried chopped bacon bits. Think this was about RM 25-30. Cant remember.

We ended the night, laughing, joking, bitching, complaining, remeniscing the old times.... Over beer and mojitos.

All of us will miss you dear friend! Good luck, TC!

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