Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wan Tan Mee@kampung boyan, taiping

A simple breakfast with my parents and granddad at this tiny zinx roof top place with a few hawker stalls.

The stalls here serve noodles cooked in all styles you can think of: from fried, to soup, to stirfry you name it.

As with all small town folks, we rarely remember road names but rather buildings and objects instead. This place is located right next to the huge chinese temple at Kampong Boyan.

I ordered the WTM, with tambah lauk 2 meatballs. RM3. Simple, humble, nice and gives a feel of homecooked. Chef threw in quite a lot of porklard too.

I saw how these people take care of the temple and how fervently they prayed. I felt ashamed and humbled for I had not followed His statutes well.

I gave a silent prayer for the people, and for my family, and for my breakfast WTM.


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