Monday, January 16, 2012

Very berry strawberries!

 Within the vicinity of the church compound, there is a steep slope area where congregation members take a walk up and pray or meditate. The view up here is gorgeous, and reminded me a little of Maxwell Hill in Taiping, but not as damp and humid as the latter of course. There is a wooden house up here, where Sr Pastor prays and writes books.

One tip though, best to wear shoes if you want to walk up. Some ladies came up with heels, and it was a challenge even in covered shoes, to walk up this slope. Imagine, heels! Years ago, pastors paved the way up the slope by using old gunny sacks, to prevent the feet from hurting walking over the rough rocks and stones. Imagine then, when there weren't advanced technologies and such to do these. What respect!

 After the journey to the prayer mountain, we came down and took a stroll around the area outside of PKC church. It was lovely to see fruits, meat, vege, fish etc sellers by the roadside shouting out to gain potential buyers' attention. Surely gained mine alright. I saw this huge pack of plush, fattened, bloody red strawberries, for only RM 7! Buy!

 Such beauties eh? Very sweet too, btw.

A picture of the rocky road throughout the way up the slope. Along the way, you could also see old, worn out, gunny sacks in the midst of the rocks and stones. People will walk on those to lessen the possibility of stepping on sharp stones, and also having more grip coming down the steep slope.

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