Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual and physical breakfast@PKC church

 I was greatly humbled and genuinely touched by how the congregation had taken care of us visitors, from all over the world. We were given a really nice home to stay in the church, and after the night's rest from the flight and travelling, I was awakened by fresh air, bird chirping, and a great view of the beauty of this place.

 This was the breakfast provided for us, a mixture of local korean food and western also. All these were prepared by eldresses, who in many churches around, may not be doing all these hard work, with their titles. However, Sr Pastor says that they must all work even at jobs like these, to remind themselves to remain humble and serve the church with joy and gladness. This act, really brings an ache to my heart, as many times, pride depicts my actions and I too, must have a humble heart.

This is another breakfast meal I had before the Lord's day service. Couple of buns and a cuppa coffee. What a joy!

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