Monday, April 28, 2008

Delicious@ Bangsar Village

Dogmama and Dogpapa were in town (KL) today. I was cracking my brain on where to bring them out for lunch. ( you know, being a "native" Singaporean driving in the crazy KL traffic doesn't really help in deciding your lunch venue. There is only a handful of places i know how to go without the need of Demona GPS. )

Some how , we managed to reach Bangsar Village and i brought DogPaMa to Delicious opened by my cousin Elaine's friend. I heard the boss is only 29 years old and its a 8 million rm F&B group now.

Initially feeling uncertain if DogPaMa will be ok with such young and hippish bistro, my fear was soon allayed when they served the food.

Strawberry CheeseCake15.90?: Mom opted for the straberry cheesecake for lunch today. The cake has right amount of cheese in it. Creamy and solid without being overly cheesy. Top with a pretty natural tasting strawberry sauce, this cake sings! Mom loves it!
Basil Pesto Pasta@17.90rm: This was the star dish for the day. Basil Pesto Pasta topped with Shaven Parmesan cheese. The pesto sauce was rich and full with the zing from the basil pieces. You could feel the basil pieces singing and dancing on top of your tongue...The pasta was cooked al dente and it was pure bliss!
Daddy and mommy both enjoyed this and you could see Dogmama's finger trying to Sapu the parmesan cheese!
Smoked Salmon Quiche@18.90rm: This was quite a let down. The quiche was pre made and it was microwaved before being served. The fillings tasted custardy and dead. The smoked salmon was pretty boring as well as the flavour did not blend in well with the crust/fillings. It doesnt help that this quiche cost 18.90rm. GRRRR. Let down.

We ordered 2 pots of tea @ 10rm each and felt so stupid and short changed as they just gave us Twinning tea bags served in some porcelain tea pot. ( The maths as follow: 80cents for Twinning Tea bags, 20 cents for use of Porcelain Tea pot and 9dollars for the ambience). We went home that day and had our own Twinnings Tea bag for breakfast the second day. (80cents for Twinning tea bags, 0 cents for the porcelain mug and 0 dollars for ambience)

Overall, a nice place to hang out with and the dishes are pretty good for KL standard.

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