Sunday, April 6, 2008

Provence Bakery@ Holland Village 3

Without a doubt, Demona has turned into a die-hard Provence Bakery Zombie Fan..
Zombie-mona: I .... need... Provence Bakery.......................

What to do, I being the resident chauffeur have to wake up early on a cozy Saturday morning to satisfy Zombie-mona's cravings for some Japanese Carbo!

Third Visit to Provence Bakery in 2 weeks for Demona from KL!!
I had the fried sausage bun. OOOOOO... the bun was very very lite, buttery and chewy. It is not oily as compared to most typical fried sausage bun...I like!

Another close up picture of the buttery fried sausage.....

Chocolate Danish: Zombie-mona's favourite on her third trip to Provence. Dark gooey chocolate fillings ooozing out from the fluffy danish.... It is light and not overly sweet. Beautiful!

Cream Cheese Sesame Bun: Fragrant cream cheese butter in the middle of the black sesame bun. It was pleasing but not amazing. So so la...

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