Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tau Foo Fa@Hawker Center, Taiping

Demona: This soya bean stall is located at one end of the shoplots of Taiping town's famous Hawker Center, an area where you can find limitless variety of great delicacies, of all races, Indian, Chinese and Malay. The stall usually opens slightly past noon, and its soya bean drink and tau foo fa will be sold out before the sun sets.

This stall is one of those that I frequently visited, since there aren't many of these businesses around to choose from. I got heavily addicted to tau foo fa at one period of time, eating 1 to 2 packs a day for weeks, until my farts smelt soya-ish too! Ewwwww!

Tau foo fa is a great dessert substitute to the more calorie-packed sinful stuffs (such as chocolate bars, ice cream, and cheese cakes) if you have an uncontrollable weakness towards sugary sweet things.

A bowl here only cost, RM 0.80. A take-away pack will be a little pricier, RM 1.00, but it is compensated by a bigger portion.

Verdict: Honestly speaking, I used to think that the tau foo fa made by Taiping-ians are smooth, sweet, thumbs-up great, compared to most of many stalls found in KL, where the tau foo fa taste rubbery, hard, coarse and heavily drizzled with syrup.

UNTIL... I had a bowl of tau foo far goodness at Funny Mountain drive-through stall in Ipoh. The smoothness ans softness of the tau foo far is beyond description. You need to eat a spoonful of it, to understand my exact words.

Wait till I get a chance of taking some great pictures from this stall, then I will be able to show you all :)

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