Friday, April 18, 2008

Pan Mee@Restoran Ngem Ngem, Cheras

Demona: There are only so few Chinese food places to choose from, which are nearby HUKM. My colleagues and I usually skip lunch if we were going to cover at this area. One day, I stumbled upon a new eatery area nearby HUKM by accident. To my surprise, there are several coffee shops nicely hidden inside this area. I decided to choose Ngem Ngem, which was the first in sight.

Demona: The ambience was as expected, stuffy, hot, messy floors, noisy etc. Nothing much was left as I only arrived at 3 pm. The uncle cooking at his pan mee stall seemed the busiest. Therefore, I decided to give the man a bowl of pan mee's business .

The pan mee was just average. Oil, dark and light soy sauce were added to give the noodles the distinct brownish colour. The typical ingredients added were fried anchovies, slices of mushrooms and minced pork.

Demona: A bowl with some slices of foo chuk and leafy vegetables was also given. The soup was under average. High level of MSG was detected. Nothing special could be described about the foo chuk and vegetables as well.

Demona: Without this X-factor, as well as the complement factor (Me being superbly hungry), I would not have finished my food. The chilli helped spiced up my noodles.

Verdict: Typical expectation from most coffee shops. As long as you have a big variety of food types, situated on a convenient location, the business will work. The food offered may not need to be delicious, just as long as there are many types for customers to choose from. The pan mee which I ate left no impact at all.

A bowl cost RM 3.50. The price was decent though, thus this area will be a good place for a cost-saving lunch.

The uncle who cooked the pan mee got superbly excited when he spied on me taking pictures of the noodles. I did not even realise that he noticed me until he came over to collect the empty bowl and asked if I was a reporter.

Sorry uncle! My write up must be honest. :)

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