Monday, April 28, 2008

Wan Tan Mee@Ho Weng Kee, SS2 PJ

Demona: Dogma and I were in my Little Blue, driving aimlessly around on a late Saturday afternoon, and we ended up in SS2. I suggested to Dogma about Ho Weng Kee's wantan noodles as our lunch meal. The last I came here was with J, many many years ago. I could not recall how they tasted like, but I did vaguely remember that this place was famous for their wantan noodles.

We found an empty parking lot right in front of the shop itself, without circling around the busy streets of SS2.

"Must be the aura telling us to eat at this shop today"

Demona: We shared a plate of wantan noodles, with char siew meat, drizzled over with curry sauce.

The noodles were smooth, and the egg taste was quite strong. The blend of sauces and condiments were quite different, I would say, and I might be wrong, but I thought I tasted sesame oil in it too. It was a bit strange when mixed along with the curry sauce. Dogma also agreed that the noodles might have tasted better without the curry and sauce combination.

The noodles were a bit too agglutinated to each other, and the addition of the sticky sauce actually made the noodles even more gluey, at times we had to really slow down on the eating pace to prevent choking.

Dogma enjoyed the char siew very much, commenting on its fragrant smell and tender juiciness of the meat (not to mention the super duper chunky fatty layer on the CS)

Demona: The wantans tasted quite fresh, the meat was tangy, flavourful, served along in hot peppery broth with spring onions garnishing.

Demona: The waitress promoted the Sui Kaus, or dumplings, to us, thus we decided to give it a try. There were 5 SKs in the bowl, filled with the same peppery broth, same spring onions garnishing as the one which came with the wantans.

The shape of the SK, deviated from the conventional triangular ones. It was more rectangular, I would say. The taste, however, was seemingly similar to the wantans, but slightly bigger in size. We both thought that RM 1 for each SK was a little too steep, almost the price of a hotel's chinese restaurant.

Verdict: I could not remember exactly how much the noodles cost, but the total bill came up to around RM 16, including 1 drink. We were caught by surprise when we got the bill, as our expectation on the price was lower.

We both personally felt that the Sg. Besi's Wan Tan Mee is still leading in this race. After viewing several other great local food blogs, I realised that we missed out on another speciality from Ho Weng Kee. Their beef brisket wan tan noodles. Maybe we shall come back here again someday to try this out. Maybe then, the race will change its leading runner.

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