Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sinful sugary treat@Obolo

Demona: Obolo is quietly located along Joo Chiat road, this cute cozy little store offers more than what it seems from outside. It is pretty tough to actually walk past the shop without noticing it because of the giant poster cut-out of the famous plump food critic/ actor placed outside its door.

I logged on to their website and read up about them. Obolo's profile seems to have a character of its own. The owners of Obolo were architecture graduates who have fiery passion towards baking. They started off baking for friends and families, and the start of this interesting adventure began.

Demona: Obolo had a promotion where by the price was quoted about SGD 2.00 cheaper with the purchase of 2 desserts from the glass range. We decided to be KIA SU and chose the promotion deal. Our first glass dessert was the Verrine Foret Noire

The VRN consists of dark chocolate ganache mousse, kirsh soaked dark cherries, dark cherries compote and ivoire mousse with vanilla beans. (Price of one is SGD 7.20)

Demona: The next glass dessert was the Verrine Rhumba

The VR consists of banana chocolate creme, rum-soaked raisins, vanilla bean mascarpone creme, chocoalate genoise soaked in rum and topped with Valhorna crunchy chocolate pearl (Price of one is SGD 7.20)

Demona: This was the full length view of both desserts. Layers and layers of smoooooooth, chocolatey mousse. Ooooh lah lah!

I must say.. every dessert made in Obolo had a touch of grace, culture, beauty, elegance, sexy, glamorous. Gorgeous in taste, in looks, in style.

Demona: Lovely bite size pieces of thin dark chocolate layers, chocolate flakes, and the crunchy Valhorna chocolate pearls coated with gold dust. Slurps! The smooth, creamy chilled mousse went along so, so, so well with the crunchy chocolate toppings. The Valhorna pearls were the best bits offered by Verrine Rhumba. Oh yeah! Not forgetting the rum layer, its taste was fairly strong. My face felt a little flushed after a few spoonfuls.

The kirsh soaked dark cherries compressed in between the creamy mousse layers were excellent complements to the chocolate heavenly Verrine Foret Noire.

Comparing both, I much preferred the Verrine Rhumba because of its gold dusted chocolate pearls and the rum in it.

Demona: The bill came up to SGD 15.70, including in a long black coffee. The desserts were a class of their own. Delicious.. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! We were slightly overdosed from the sugar sweet cocoa-ness. Dogma and I will come back again to try out their cheesecakes range next time!

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