Saturday, April 5, 2008

Home cooking@Tivoli

Demona: Here are some picts of the foodies I ate at home for the past couple of days. Eating out too often gets a little sickening sometimes, costly and unhealthy. Feels good to just lay back, relax, and eat something simple on the comfort of your lazy chair, watching television.

Demona: Thinly sliced chicken breast meat (RM 4.73) fried along with some tom yam paste until well cooked, and stirred in some steamed brocollis (RM 1.60) and Japanese mushrooms (RM 2.80). Me added in generous shakes of black pepper to give an extra spicy kick! The portion was enough to eat for 2 meals.

Demona: Bought a bunch of seedless green grapes. RM 9.88. Grapes are overly priced these days. This fruit is much more affordable in Singapore. What's worse was that, the grapes I bought were extremely sour. :(

Anyway, I LOVEEEEE eating them with yogurt, especially strawberry flavoured ones. Do try out this combination: grapes and strawberry yogurt.. you will fall in love instantly after a spoonful!

I got Dogma hooked on this style of eating grapes too. But he always denies it. MEN. Hmph.

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