Monday, April 28, 2008

Thunder Tea Rice ( Lei Char Fan)

Ok, this is something healthy and interesting. THUNDER TEA RICE @ Joo Chiat Rd.
I bet most of your must have heard of this Thunder Tea Rice before. I used to read about it on the news paper when i was younger when the papers are introducing traditional Hakka cuisine.

I was walking along Joochiat road today before church and saw this restaurant. AT 3.50SGD per bowl of Thunder Tea rice (CHEAP!) that promises much health benefits , I can't possibly give this a miss!Thunder Tea Rice $3.50SGD: Its just a steamed brown rice topped with ikan bilis, roasted peanuts, dry tofu,slices of basils and vegetables. The brown rice was not warm enough. However the portion is so huge that is screamed SUPER GOOD VALUE LA! Taste was like eating herbalicious minty rice.... I would have prefer it if they serve it hotter.

Basil Soup: This free soup reallly sings! ZING ZING ZING. Its a vege soup cooked with basil, sesame seeds and green stuff. Refreshing and slightly minty.. this is perfect for a hot day and to clear off your toxin in your stomach!!! ZEN....
I order extra dishes @$1.50 for both the fried hakka tofu and omelette. The tofu was quite a let down as it was pretty cold and the pieces of meat at the top of it tasted sour ( those meat gone bad kinda sour). The omelette was so so and it was a tad too oily and tasteless.

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