Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tom's Palate

Besides pastry , Ice cream would be one of Demona's many weak spots.. Give her a spoonful of kick-ass ice cream and she would be jolly jumping for the rest of the day.

and Tom's Palate's ice -cream do kick ass!

After a tiring meeting on a Saturday morning, I decided to bring Demona to Tom's Palate to reward her.

This is her second visit to Tom's palate and they did not dissapoint.
Strawberry flavour: Thick solid texture with generous portion of frozen strawberry. This is lovely. not overly sweet with a good acidity and sourness on the palate. Very natural flavor.
Double Combo of Butter pecan and Cheese Cake: Can't remmeber much as demona was hogging the spoon. Will let her post her review soon.

Tom's Palate contact:
Jeng Jeng: Demona's art work paste on the wall.

My suggestion for Tom's new creation: Mature bordeaux ice cream: Smokey nose of vanilla and blackberry + tangy palate with chocolate and mocha flavour.

Verdict: After visiting a couple of the ice cream parlour in Singapore. Here are our rankings of them.

1) Tom's Palate: Solid, natural thick ice cream
2) Daily's Scoop: It was solid and thick ice cream on our first visit. But the second trip was too sweet to our liking
3) Swirl:
4) Island Cremery: I dun really enjoy this as the flavour was tad watered down or too sweet.

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yewkhuay said...

yo...i hate demona for posting her victory visit to Tom's without me....