Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tandoori Chicken@Paandi's, SS11, PJ

Demona: A lunch treat by C, who seems to be an adoring fan of Tandoori Chicken. I never saw her eat anything else but tandoori chicken whenever we are at an Indian restaurant. The tandoori chicken at Paandi's was quite delicious! The meat was nicely grilled, maintaining a crispy charred outer layer, and tender succulence on the inside, locking in a hint of fragrant burnt aroma. The meat portion was also fairly big, similar to its gigantic fried chicken. The marination however, still wasn't a good job as it did not taste authentic enough.

Verdict: A portion cost RM 5.00. Pretty decent pricing for an Indian restaurant. Paandi's is one eatery where by its ultimate aim is to feed you till you're bloated, satisfied, burping with happiness but not burn a hole in your pocket. My colleagues and I come to the SS11's branch, so often that the waiters remember our regular orders, hahaha.

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