Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wan Tan Mee@Siang Malam, Taiping

Demona: I will never get bored of reviewing food found in Siang Malam. I am almost certain that most Taiping-ians who have left the land of rainfalls in search of career opportunities in the big, bad world out there will come here for a drink or a meal whenever they are back home.

The air was extremely cool that night, after a heavy downpour earlier. The brightly lited Siang Malam was surrounded with people enjoying a good meal, whilst earlier part of the day, it is a hang out joint for old folks who bet on rain.

Demona: Michelle and I ordered wan tan mee, drizzled with curry sauce. Thin slices of lean char siew meat were also added into the wan tan mee. The sambal was delicious! Extreme spicyness! Just the right thing for me.

Demona: I took a picture of Michelle thoroughly mixing her noodles with the curry and soya sauce, before slurping the deliciousness up!

Demona: The wan tan mee seller also has a sideline yong tau foo business. I took some meat balls, deep fried bean curd skins, dumplings. They tasted fairly good, and I am guessing that the flavourful soup helped a fair bit there.

Verdict: The whole meal cost us less than RM 10. Unimaginably affordable. This meal would have easily hit above RM 10 if we were eating the same amount of food in a coffee shop in KL. Many a time, they do not taste good at all, unlike the ones that we had over here.

I hope that this one-of-a-kind place will be able to survive and pull through the plague of modernization which is exponentially spreading in our peaceful town, for the many years to come.

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