Saturday, May 24, 2008

Childhood Kuey Teow Soup@Restoran Kakak

Demona: Here I am, back again to my childhood breakfast eatery. Something just doesn't feel right if I don't come here got a hearty, boiling, steamy hot bowl of kueh toew soup in Kakak whenever I get a chance to come home for the weekend. I grew up slurping uncle's tasty kueh teow, and I will never ever get bored of it. Its been years already, and I can see them via uncle, his devoted wife and sister, and his loyal helpers. They've aged gracefully. Yet, the place is packed to the brim almost everyday.

Demona: My favourite, kueh teow soup! Smooth, thin rice noodles. Savoury, flavourful chicken broth. Unbelievably good sambal to go along with. I usually add so much sambal that my soup would turn red. Then, MAJOR loo session for the rest of the day.

Demona: This was the "Kwon Lou" (dry) Lou Shu Fun, stirred with dark and light soy sauce. The Shu Fun was quite smooth too, but I much preferred the soup one as the broth is slurpy-licious!

Verdict: I know that uncle will grow old and retire one day, but I do hope that he's got plans up in his mind to find ways of continuing his delicious kueh teow soup business in generations to come. I want to bring my future kids to eat here one day, and to let them experience my childhood days via food.

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