Monday, May 19, 2008

Gd Morning Nanyang vs Provence Bakery

Demona: Breakfast battles are the most fierce for us. Dogma and I are work out junkies and we're up most mornings for a swim in the chilly chlorinated waters, or putting our leg muscles to the morning walk test. We put a lot of effort into searching for a great breakfast/ brunch place as a reward after a sweaty work out.

Sometimes I wonder whether what we're doing is right, because half way through swimming/jogging, we'll discuss on what food we are going to order later, imagine and salivate in our minds.

We've overdone ourselves this time. TWO breakfast places, back to back. Good Morning Nanyang and Provence. Stiff battle. Sweaty palms. Possible saliva shed.

Demona: One of Provence's ultimate weapons. These two pastries own many Active Key References, meaning having others to promote them, without the seller doing anything.. so it's purely selling on its goodness! One's a custardy, potato bun tasting roll, and the other is a chocolate roll. Any combination for a total of 10, cost SGD 6. These mini rolls, are soft, and very nice to chew! Taste wise, was average, but its softness won it all! 10 was no problem at all for me to finish.

Demona: Another Good Morning Nanyang's strong defenses, its ciabatta toast, sandwiched with good olde freshly home made kaya and good quality butter. The ciabatta toast was very thick, and it still had a little flourish taste, like the scone which we had previously.

The kaya and butter content were not enough to complement the thick ciabatta. The owner stopped by our table again, and gave us a tip saying if we want more kaya and butter on our toast, we can request for more slabs of 'em in future! Generousity, generousity.

Verdict: The war goes on....

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