Monday, May 19, 2008

Loong Foong Seafood Roast Duck@ Taman Paramount

Demona brought me to Taman Paramount during lunch to try Loong Foong's famous roasted duck couple of months back but alas, the shop is only opened for dinner. This trip we managed to squeezed in some time before my 9pm train ride back to Singapore for a quick visit to Loong Foong.

Packed to the brim @ 645pm, we waited for 45mins plus constant reminding before the roasted duck arrived on our table. The ordering system is practically a chaos, with several waiters running around the whole shop taking orders and verbally inform the 2 chef who were busy chopping up the roasted duck. In the midst of the chaos, our order was lost and our tummy growls louder and angrier seeing the succulent duck being dished up at other tables who came later.

Half Roasted Duck@20RM: Demona and I shared half a roast duck. It was pretty clean crispy skin and a juicy succulent meat. Big chunks of meat was a real treat accompanied by the garlicky chilli sauce. We both have macho garlic breath right after the meal but it the stink was worth it.Shinny shinny duck skin... It is delicious!

Garlic chilli: See the minced bits of garlics in the chilli? It packed a good spicy punch and i was left perspirating profusely from top to down. Not to mention the lack of ventilation at our table. GRRRRRR
The end product: Clean clean duck bones nicely chewed by the Dogma the Boner.

Verdict: The roasted duck is above average and price was reasonable. I would prefer to Da Bao (take away) the roasted duck and enjoyed it in the cold comfort of an air conditioned room. The restaurant is pretty hot and humid....SWEAT>

TATA KL.. Hello Singapore! I've been taking the KTM Intercity Commuter from KL to SGP recently. The comfort and price ratio was a plus point compared to taking those bus coaches. One way tixket is about 40rm for a bunk and you will reach your destination around 8am in the morning. One gripe thou, some tourist released a toxic fart during the trip and i nearly died from it. Some hairball and sari dropped from the indian aunty sleeping on top of me as well...
Other than that, it was a pretty peaceful train ride home.... :)

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