Monday, May 19, 2008

Faiveley Morey St Denis Premier Cru 2000

Domain Faiveley Morey Saint Denis 1st Cru 2000 75SGD: A premier cru Burgundy Red priced at $75? Sensing this might be a good bargain, JT and I snapped up a bottle of this and had it over the weekend.

I have always had great respect and fond memories of Domain Faiveley for the very reason the most enjoyable wine i had so far is the 1990 Domain Faiveley Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru. However, this Morey St Denis is a different story all together.

Simple nose of subdued red cherries with juice. Pretty one dimensional. Palate was simple with currant juice, subdued acid and grippy tannins at the end palate. Tannins started to show up after 30mins but no change in flavour and nose. Concentration and structure was not there. Seems like the grape is weak. A let down.

Conclusion: For burgs, you have to pay for quality stuff, yet, burgs are just so frickly that bottle variation, especially for older bottles are so high. The answer to this? Have a fat pay cheque. Sigh..

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